Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ubuntu 10.04 Update: Networking

Not sure if this is an issue with the Lynx or with the fact that it's a VM (VMware Workstation 7). I've noticed over the past few days that networking's been spotty at best. Web pages take forever to load or the pages don't load and the connection times out. Same for twitter in twittergadget and Gwibber. Tried both the Firefox and Chromium browsers thinking it would make a difference but nada, tostada.

I'm aware that there's a wireless networking problem associated with the Lynx, but I'm using a strictly wired LAN with a DSL connection to hit the Internet. I can "refresh" the connection by rebooting the Ubuntu VM, but as of today, the connection only lasts a few minutes before it starts acting dodgy again.

Ubuntu itself is set to acquire a dynamic IP address and as a VM, it's network adapter uses NAT. The other VMs (Windows machines) aren't experiencing any similar problems. Also, my host PC and other computers on the LAN aren't having a problem. If it was just a Firefox issue, I'd suspect the problem listed at might be it, but not with Chromium showing the same behavior.

Any ideas?



  1. That's very similar to my past experience of using VMware to run extra Linux instance: network at times simply won't work.

    In my case it was quite stupid bug: if I press in GRUB Enter very quickly probability 75% was that network in Linux guest would work OK; if I let the GRUB to timeout and auto start default OS, then chances of getting network in the guest were very very slim. It would also get an IP address/etc, but no actual traffic would go outside.

    N.B. In my case interestingly though I still could connect to the VM from outside with the SSH.

    That was one of the reasons (second was the clock sync problems) that I gave up on VMware altogether.

    Now on my dual boot PC, under Windows, I keep an instance of Sidux (think Debian) under VirtualBox and it works pretty well for my purposes.

  2. I'm having similar problem with my machine where I too have Dynamic IP activated. I do see that I get localhost ( as my primary DNS-server which is wrong. My workaround is setting Dynamic-IP only and manually setting the DNS-servers. This seems to speed up my performance...

  3. Many networking problems can be solved by using google dns servers + That's not special for Ubuntu, that's a generic fix - in most cases the router has got problems - for some it is enough to update the firmware. In your case it can be also VMware's fault, but that's easy to test, just use VirtualBox.

  4. Have you tried using "Bridged Adapter"for your VM's network settings? That has not given me any problems so far. Hope it helps!

  5. Tried the Google DNS servers with limited success. Added my DNS servers I use for my local network and left DHCP on auto for IP addresses only. Works much better. I'll keep an eye on the Ubuntu VM's networking to make sure it's stable over time.

  6. I am having a similar problem with my wired connection on a fully installed Xubuntu 10.04 so maybe this has nothing to do with the VM your using.

    Yeah same problem to a tee. Firefox and Chrome will not load high traffic websites at all. Sometimes they will load low traffic sites but only after 5 minutes of load time. And even when they are done loading the page, the load spinners are still spinning (I suppose they are still loading background data). I can hover use Xchat fine and yesterday (the day I installed Xubuntu) the Xubuntu software updater was downloading a bunch of updates totaling over 80mb and the speed of that download was normal and fast. So maybe the issue is with the browsers only. I have found several solutions but have yet to implement all of them. *fingers crossed*


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