Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Finished Codecademy's Web Fundamentals Tutorial, but...

I finished Codecademy's Web Fundamentals tutorials They lessons are broken down into the following sections:

  1. Introduction to HTML
    1. HTML Basics
    2. Build Your Own Webpage
  2. HTML Structure: Using Lists
    1. HTML Basics II
    2. Social Networking Profile
  3. HTML Structure: Tables, Divs, and Spans
    1. HTML Basics III
    2. Clickable Photo Page
  4. Introduction to CSS
    1. CSS: An Overview
    2. Design a Button for Your Website
  5. CSS Classes and IDs
    1. CSS Selectors
    2. Sorting Your Friends
  6. CSS Element Positioning
    1. CSS Positioning
    2. Build a Resume

Before my tutorial "hiatus" some months ago, I had stopped right after "Clickable Photo Page" and before "Introduction to CSS". A perfect place for me, actually. I did the CSS section in two days and felt pretty confident until I got into "CSS Positioning." Even though I solved all the problems (there's a lot of help) and successfully completed the tutorial (earning various "badges" along the way), when I built my Resume as the last task in the CSS section, it looked awful. Technically, the code was all correct, but the header stacked over the left and right divs and I could never figure out how to correctly style the text in the footer.

I certainly give props to the folks at Codecademy for how well this tutorial flowed. I've gotten farther in understanding CSS than half a dozen books and various websites have taken me. But when I was prompted to take the JavaScript tutorial next, I knew I was hardly ready. There's a lot more to web design than what I learned in this set of lesson. Got "intermediate web design," folks?

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