Monday, August 13, 2012

Guide to TCP/IP, Fourth Edition

Well, look what I found the other day.

I was the "junior" person on the team that collaborated to make this edition of the classic Guide to TCP/IP possible. Ed Tittel has been with this book since the beginning and Jeff Carrell is the unsurpassed wizard of all things networking. I was lucky to even be able to contribute to this book in some small way and to work with these fine people (I haven't forgotten that Laura Chappell's name is on the cover, but truth be told, she hasn't contributed a single word to this book since the first edition).

Because this is a text book, the publisher usually wants to give "cover credit" only to people who are well-known in the field. My name only comes after a "with" on the cover (and no mention in the author's section for the book in Amazon), but it's still a feather in my cap to have my name see the light of day at all. I'm very appreciative of the authors and editors involved for allowing this kudo to go to me.

I'm really excited to see this book being published next month and I believe it represents one of my best efforts in recent years. To find out more and to order the book, go to (clickable link).

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