Friday, January 9, 2009


Well, it's taken a little while, but I've gotten the place to display a color scheme that doesn't make me want to claw my eyes out. No, the day hasn't been a complete waste, despite what my wife says. I can multi-task when the need arises. I actually have been doing work around here. As part of that work, I was revisiting the idea of learning just enough about Django to get my face slapped, since it looks like I'll need to be doing some work in it (which I can't really talk about, naturally). Finished off a major rewrite in one of the documents I maintain. Not particularly complicated, just tedious. Only at the very end of the task did I remember that some of the content I thought was "missing" didn't actually need to be included. Maybe I don't multi-task all that well after all. One of the consequences of juggling is that I didn't let myself leave for lunch. Ate at my desk like a thousand other people, but didn't go out for a walk or anything more strenuous. That probably explains why I can't tighten my belt as far as I used to. Contemplating my next book review and who I'll write it for. I recently wrote a review of the Apress book Beginning OpenOffice 3 for Linux Pro Magazine but it won't appear until around March. Web publication provides so much more in the way of immediate gratification, but there's something to be said for seeing your name in a hardcopy book or periodical. As you can tell, I'm winding down towards the weekend at this point. I've accomplished most or all of what I can in terms of meeting my goals for next Monday. Of course starting this evening, I shut down the "work machine" for Shabbat, but I have quite a load to try to accomplish on Sunday. I was pretty good at keeping up with things in the evenings during the start of the week, but last night I taught a class and was pretty wiped out by the time I finally got home. I was just mentioning to one of the developers that most programmers seem nocturnal, but I'm most productive in the morning. I have a copy of YouTube: An Insider's Guide to Climbing the Charts and I've been trying to review it for a week now. Maybe I'll finally be able to get the writing done in the next few days. I'll let you know.

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