Friday, January 9, 2009

Why bother to blog?

So why am I here? I've resisted blogging for quite awhile. It seems like, as a culture, we are obsessed with communication and self expression. Anyone can create a blog and post any inane or banal content to the web (and some of you reading this may consider me part of that club). If I'm against producing content for its own sake, why am I blogging? I suppose my hope is that my content isn't for its own sake. I write for a living, so it's not a matter of posting that I've just had a cup of coffee or that I'm taking aspirin for a headache (though I've seen both on twitter). I hope is to use a blog to express something about the creative experience that'll be useful to someone. Doc Searls at the Linux Journal just posted a link to an article on that subject on twitter (speaking of) which is what finally pushed me over the edge to create a blog. I've tended to think of most bloggers as "a million chimpanzees" who have refuted the old saying about a million chimps, some typewriters, and the complete works of Shakespeare. Frankly, most bloggers need to learn how to spell and an elementary English composition class wouldn't hurt them either (at least for those people who speak and write English as their first language). As I continue to configure this blog, anyone reading it will be able to comment if you'd like or register some sense of insult if you feel I've mischaracterized you as a chimpanzee. Of course, I could be just proving that I am too.

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